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Clay Sculpture

Add a Focal Point to Your Room with a Clay Sculpture

When it comes to interior design, one thing that is essential is having a focal point that can draw the eye into the space. One way to do this is by adding a clay sculpture to the room. Clay is a popular material used by sculptures because they can create smooth curves and a velvety texture that can be soft to touch and easy on the eyes. Since clay is raw material, a mixture of earth and water, it is favored by sculptors who are inspired by life and nature. Clay sculptures offer a fragile beauty, which is reinforced by the purity and rarity of the material they are made from. If you are looking for a clay sculpture that can create an engaging and personalized focal point, and which can enhance the atmosphere of a room, check out the clay sculptures offered by JI Domecq. 

Jose Ignacio is a sculptor who has a passion for horses and the sport of polo. He offers clay sculptures that capture the majestic beauty of these animals and sport. As a sculptor, he wants to transcend the visual language of art and engage you with layers of symbolic and contextual meaning that horses and polo represent. His clay sculptures are undoubtedly wonderful masterpieces that are more than mere decoration - they breathe life into any space they inhabit. 

If you want to check out the clay sculptures from this amazing sculptor, go to . He offers small format sculptures and miniatures, and is starting to work on real life and larger sculptures for mats.

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