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Horse Sculptures

Horse Sculptures by JI Domecq

Horses are beautiful animals and many people all over the world are drawn to these creatures. Perhaps, it’s their muscular stature and how they embody strength and power. Or, perhaps it is in the way that they move? Whether they are enjoying a pleasurable stroll through the pasture or racing down the track, watching a horse move is poetry in motion for so many people. Whatever the reason, these creatures are the subject of many art pieces and sculptures. Horse sculptures are wonderful to look at, beautiful behold and evoke a sense of awe for viewers.  

If you are looking for an amazing collection of horse sculptures, check out JI Domecq.  Sculptor Jose Ignacio has always had a passion for horses and the game of polo. The feeling of riding and being in contact with horses has always generated a sense of peace in his soul. And, it is this feeling, what he tries to convey through his horse sculptures.

If you want to check out the horse sculptures from this amazing sculptor, go to . He offers small format sculptures and miniatures, and is starting to work on real life and larger sculptures for mats.

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