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JI Domecq Sculpturing Life

If you aren't familiar with the sculpturing work of JI Domecq, you are missing out on some beautiful artwork. His sculptures are so awesome. Every line, curve and indention are what makes his sculptures so unique and in demand. If you're an art lover you will certainly want to make sure that you check out his website and his pieces of work.

You will find that he offers several sculptured pieces that are Polo related. He has always had a love for the game of Polo and for horses. Before sculpting, he did many drawings and paintings. His love for the polo game was instilled in him by his father and his grandfather. His love of horses is what makes his sculptures so awesome. He has created several sculptures of polo horses and players.

Sculptors of the polo team mounted and in action portrayed the endurance and the power of the match. Polo was referred to as the game of kings, as kings patronized the games which were played by warriors and princes. It is very popular in many countries.

You may not have a love for polo, but you do have a love for horses and you will find many sculptors of horses that will help you begin a beautiful collection. The detail in these horse sculptures is just awesome. The eye of the artist is so focused on the anatomy of the horse that it's like the horse is brought to life. You'll find sculptures of a single horse, a pair and even more in one beautiful piece.

These sculptures are a great addition to any art collectors' display. Viewing each piece is a must for the collector. You'll be amazed at the quality of work that this artist portrays in each of his pieces. You will find pieces that are going to be a must for your collection. You'll display them with pride and love showing them to your family, friends, co-workers and everyone else that visits you.

Many pieces that are not polo and horse related can be found as well. Pieces of Jesus with Mary as well as Jesus with a child can also be found. These pieces are beautifully detailed. Adding any of these pieces to your collection is going to make you proud of your love for art.

Sculptures can be found in clay form as well as bronzed. You will find miniatures, small forms and even pieces that are life-sized to add to your artwork. Each piece is unique and offers a treat for the eye.

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